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Submariner Banners
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The "Submarine Base Banners", "Submarine Boat Association Banners" and the "Kaps4Kids Banners" are custom made, as are all our products. 

If you want to order a "Kaps for Kids Banner" simply leave the "Banner Size" pull down menu where it is: "Kaps4Kids 66"w x 28"h"  They are made in this one size only. We will place your Base or Boat name and official address just where you saw them in the samples.

There are three (3) versions of the Base Banner (A, B, C) please pull the Version Drop Down menu to section your favorite version.




All Vinyl Banners are printed in full color on one side using 13 oz. matte finished vinyl. We offer the three standard sizes for the "Submarine Base Banners" and "Submarine Boat Association Banners" itemized below. The "Kaps4Kids Banners"  are NOT made in any of the sizes below.

1.) 6'w x 3'h

2.) 8'w x 3'h

3.) 10'w x 3'h

The smallest of the three above "Submarine Banner" sizes (6'w x3'h) can be attached to the side of a pick-up truck or a car by tying it down using rope and the grommets inserted in the banner. You can purchase two of the same banner, if you wish to attach them to both sides of your vehicle. The other two "Submarine Banner" sizes may be a little better suited for two men to carry in a parade using poles inserted into the pole pockets, which may be ordered as a finishing option. If you do want to order two of any banner, when selecting the size, select the option which says "Two" before the size.

The Banners are built to stand up to the elements. However, like anything, they do wear with time. We offer a variety of finishing options including; hemming, grommets, and pole pockets. The finishing choices are made using the pull down menu found in the options list below. The price is the same regardless of finish.

Proofs are typically shown half size at 72 dpi. The finished product is printed at 175 dpi using the commercial CMYK color mode.

For other details, please call our office at: (267) 261-8693

The Prices include shipping and the insertion of your base name and address.


Should you want a different size, please call or describe the size you would like on our comments page, and I will call you with a price.

If you order a "Submarine Boat Association Banner", please type in the Submarine Squadron number in the appropriate text field found in the options list below, so it's patch can be placed on your banner.

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